4293 2019 Gearboxes

My team just finished machining our 2019 gearboxes, so I thought I would share a few pictures. It is a three Mini CIM drive and has an adjusted top speed of 13.76 ft/s.


Those look awesome, great work! Did you sand the outer parts off, or did you face it off from one side?

I hope this answers your question, but we ran an end mill across the opposite side to remove all excess material.

How much is the total weight per gearbox?

I have not weighed it yet. Solidworks says it weighs 7.5 pounds with motors and the main aluminum housing weighs .5 pounds.

Interesting. Why’d you chose to go billet over something simplier like a parallel plate gearbox?


How are the 10t pinions treating you? I’m wary of increased wear, but they’re mighty convenient for making existing gearbox designs more flexible.

We designed them that way for stiffness, to protect the gears, safety, and so that we can apply lots of grease.

I don’t know yet. They were very loud when we spun them up so I am thankful that we can drop in 12 tooth pinions if needed. My only concern with that is higher current draw and slower acceleration.

This seems unnecessary


Nice design. Definitely looks “over-engineered” but you can never be over-engineered for gear protection. How easy are they to take off if you need to replace a gear?

Because of the Bill of Materials requirements I would be concerned about the cost of your raw aluminum stock for these. How much was each billet?

They said space exploration was unnecessary… :sweat_smile:


Yet cool. So cool. Sometimes it’s just fun to make ridiculous stuff. Nice work 4293.


Very beautiful. Screams “We have a lot of money”

It screams "We have access to a CNC machine and a machinist mentor. Those aluminum blocks probably started off at $100 each, compared to the motor controllers that’s almost cheap.

I like to say “you should build it to be as simple as an anvil and slightly more reliable.” I think that qualifies.

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This team is local to me and I know they aren’t rich, but they get to build in the fantastic work space of a very generous machine shop sponsor. In 2016 these same folks took a basic idea my team had for lightening some Brecoflex pulleys and turned them into works of art, including engraving our team numbers into them, and they did it all in such a kind way.

Last night this team called me and offered the use of their space to help my team out, since my teacher’s union is about to go on strike, meaning we will lose access to most of our important machines. It was a characteristic offer from some of the best people in Colorado FRC. Anyway, I just wanted to put some context to these wild gearboxes and take a moment to say thanks to Team Komodo, you guys really lifted me up yesterday and I appreciate it.


Mmmm love some machined billet.

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Some of these responses lack class. Seriously, if you can’t be nice, don’t post.


The Material is chunks that came off of other parts that the machine shop. However, a quick search shows that a block on e-bay is under $100.