#433 Firebirds website

I just made this website!!!
I was wondering if u could give me any feed back, or if u see any glitches let me know at [email protected] . Thanks! :smiley:

First of all, very nice site. I especially like the simpleness of the layout.

Is it just me, or are the navigation links on the top and left side redundant?

Other than that, good job :slight_smile:

This site gets the Billfred Stamp of Approval.

Nice and clean…almost makes me want to take my site designs and chuck them out the window. Or at least wipe them with PGP.

Great job! Looks good, easy to follow and great to look at. I didn’t see any glitches although I didn’t really poke around long enough to see any. However, the website is looking good nice work. :cool:

When you go to a seperate page (Home, News About Us, Galleries, Contact Us) the navagation links on the left side disappear, whereas the top ones stay so you can get to where you’re going! :slight_smile:

Anyway, good job - the site is very well done!

Alicia, any reason why you abandoned our team colors? In the About Us section under FIRST, you have a link to a ppt put together by Andy Baker, Steve Shade, and Andy Grady, and while all of us here on CD know these fine fellows, chances are most other people don’t, they are just some random people, so maybe you should say something about who they are (and hopefully you have already gotten there permission to use their ppt, I’m sure you have). And one other thing, the pictures in the Philadelphia regional gallery are from 2003 not 2004 :wink: .

I think the side navigation links are a little to light. Maybe change them to a darker blue, and make them black when hovered over?

Other than that, it looks pretty good.

Great job Alicia! it looks awesome! now can you teach me how to use CAD/Inventor?? :confused:

It looks really great!! good job!!!

Nitpick, some of the images are waaaayyy too big.

Resize them to the dimensions you are using on the site, I clicked on the about page and the image was absolutely massive… o.O