4334 2014

See you in Salt Lake City and Calgary.

Beautiful… Wow.

The robot features:

  • 6 CIM with Vex Pro ball shifters
  • 6 4in Colson wheel belt drive.
  • 111.75in frame perimeter
  • 7 second reload time
  • 2 ball autonomous
  • Back loading

Shot on Canon t2i with 50mm F1.8 and Sigma 10-20mm f4 on a Glidecam HD 2000
Filmed and Edited by http://www.youtube.com/user/EdgePointProductions

See you in Calgary and Utah!

This video is absolutely gorgeous (as is the robot). I had to watch it again to see what the robot actually was because I spent the entire first viewing gawking at the cinematography and editing. Nice work!

Really amazing video. Probably one of, if not the, best filmed one I have ever seen.

How well does your intake work? Does it kick the ball away at all? Any reason you chose it over a roller or El Toro intake?

Works surprisingly well. Always clinches the ball perfectly and I’ve never seen it let go.

We chose it to make it simpler.

I can’t wait to see you guys in Calgary! Beautifully elegant machine!

Lowest cg bot I’ve seen thus far. I bet it’s fantastic to drive. Great work guys.

Can you post some pictures of your robot


Compared to last year, it feels like F1. Our CG was very important to us because we rely heavily on quickness and running shots.

Gotta love the Nifty Fifty! Loving the focus pulls. Kudos to your videographer.

Does your camera guy use Magic Lantern? It has oodles of neat features for videographers (my personal faves are the audio-bars and focus dots).

Signed a fellow T2i user (Sigma 17-70 2.8 FTW!)

I think so, I remember people talking about custom software on his camera. I can ask him when I get a chance.

Joel, going to miss being at an event with you this year. I wish you well this season!

Thanks. Hopefully I can see you at champs this year :rolleyes:

Fantastic video. Thumbs up to your video team.

Yes, he is. I remember him showing all of his custom setup options.

This reminds me that I still need to make a dolly and tracks for my build season videos. I didn’t even have my stabilizer, but I managed.

I also need to get my own camera. The one I use is our head coach’s and I think he has only one lens, so my variety isn’t tremendous, but I do my best.

My cousin and I are actually starting a little independent film company project, and everything we record will be in 4k, so i’m pretty excited for all the new equipment we’re gonna get, and I hope I can use that stuff for future build season videos.

How many people worked on this? I’m the only one on my team that knows how to shoot and edit in this style, but I want to teach the students in the future.

Wow. Fantastic robot, and another example for needing a reveal video award. This is the first reveal that made the audio come front and center other than picking a sweet song. Kudos to the audio team/foley artists…

Thanks for 4334 viewers everyone! We appreciate everyone’s kind words.