4334 2014

Question. I noticed the bouce/deflect pass strategy you used in curie elims, I assume you did it before I just never saw… Where your human player appeared to throw the ball at your shooter in the fired position and the shooter would simply deflect the ball back at your human player through the spring force applied to your catapult device. You were of course credited with the assist.

I had a similar idea from day one, but I never asked on the Q&A about it’s legaity because it did’t seem to fit the motion relative to the robot bit. Did you ask on the Q&A about the potential leagality of the strategy?

I guess I can see how the spring force that the ball being thrown at the device can cause motion relative to the robot, but I was concerned that since robot didn’t generate the force other than the reaction force to deflect the ball it wouldnt be considered legal. I obviously see it was since you used it at championship. I honestly just want ro make sure that is actually what you were doing so that I can go back and employ the same strategy in the off season.

The refs were skeptical at first, but the bounceback was ruled as possession because it was in effect “pushing the ball back”. Honestly it wasn’t a complicated or well thought-out thing, we just had the idea and asked to see if they’d rule it a possession before thinking too much about it.

And the reason we didn’t do it too often was a combination of wanting to finish for our alliance and secrecy of the strategy (118 & 254 were the only teams that we knew were aware of what we did beforehand)