4334 want to thanks...

We have had an incredible season, but it wouldn’t be possible without the people who supported us. I’m going to use this thread to try and thank most of the many people (on and off CD), who helped us on our way. Without further adieu…

My parents – Nobody has been there for us like my parents, especially my mom. They helped me and believed in me from the very beginning (which for reference consisted of some grade 10 saying “I wish we had an FRC team”), and for that I am forever grateful. My mom organized everything on this team leaving me with at least a little time for school :wink: and when we got into a jam they were always there to get us out. When we needed things my mom would pick them up and take the hour trip to SAIT so we would have them that night, when we needed parents to supervise they were always there without complaint or restriction, when I ran out of machine time my mom stepped in and found COTS parts and shops so that the robot we shipped could actually run. They litterally made everything they possibly could happen, even when the team ran out of money my parents believed we would eventually find sponsors and bankrolled almost $10,000 of our team.

Craig Maynard – Craig is our head mentor at SAIT. He connected us with resources that are remarkable not just for a rookie team, but for any team. He is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable and has a sincere love of robotics. Craig was another person who would make anything happen, he spent many long nights in his room inspiring our team with his passion for robotics.

Jeff McElrea – Jeff was our machining mentor and has put probably hundreds of hours into our team. He is a single dad, and has classes at all sorts of times, but despite all his other commitments Jeff has been there for us allowing us to learn an incredible set of things and make an awesome robot! I’m proud to say that over all the long hours in the shops Jeff and I have become more than mentor and student… I am glad to call him a good friend, he genuinely loves the program and the kids.

Our Sponsors – We have some awesome sponsors, Alberta Innovates, Pason and FIRST Canada. I am especially thankful for SAIT, who allowed us to do some incredible things with their awesome shops and teachers.

610 - We’ve come to be pretty good friends with Mr. Lim and 610. Thanks for being awesome people and congrats on building awesome robots.

**1114 **- This pillar of Canadian FRC helped us so much, not just as alliance partners, but as guides and inspirations. There is one person in particular who I want to call out, Karthik Kanagasabapathy. Almost all the strategies we used were gleaned from Karthik’s posts, and it was their team I held up for the students as a model of what FIRST should be. Five of our members got the privilege of attending Karthik’s Championship seminar and they say it was incredibly insightful and have decided that it is one of the first things we will show all of our new members. (I’m waiting for the video btw). They have helped us develop our presentation techniques and I think we can blame winning rookie all-star on a conversation our RA leader had with Karthik at the end of Thursday at GTR-East. The simbots are an inspiration, they are friendly insightful and inspirational. They truly deserved their CCA!

And to our alliance:
Our world’s alliance was entirely awesome! Definitely the most incredible alliance I will ever have the privilege of being on (sorry to any future partners :P), and possibly one of the most memorable in all of FIRST. Go Eh-Team!!!
Their robots were out of this world, our goal will always be to catch up with these exceptional teams… and of course I loved our incredible triple balancing. But beyond the robots, 2056 and 1114 are both class acts. Their professionalism showed us what a true powerhouse is like and we learned many things that we will take with us into future seasons. I’m glad to say they are also both quite friendly and I made some friends on both teams. Finally they showed us the true spirit of FIRST: what it means to want a championship BAD, and how to stay gracious in your dealings with everyone despite that. I hope that we can stay connected to our new FIRST “family”, they are amazing in every way.

Here’s to a great season!

  • Alex

Alex, it was our pleasure. We saw so much potential in your team right away at GTR East, we’re glad we could be of assistance in any small way. No worries, we’ll be sure to stay connected with you guys, we’re excited to see you guys grow. In fact, I would not be surprised is 4334 joins the very small group of teams to win a Regional Chairman’s Award in their second year. (No pressure or anything. :slight_smile: )