437 Drive test video

The kids over at Richardson High School have been busy with FIRST.I got to see their robot in action before they shipped it and I was extremley impressed. I think the driving system this year is going to be among the best at the competition but I will let you decide for yourself.

Drive System Closeup Video
Whole Robot Video

or you can find an AVI version of the closeup video on my website

Tell us what you think!
We will be at the Dallas regional this year

i think both of the videos are the same…

This ROBOT is AMAZING…oh wait I built it, hahahaha:cool:

Cool drive system. Just as a warning, your bumpers aren’t legal as they appear in the video, you must have 6 inches of bumper on both sides of every corner. Good luck!

Now there are actually two DIFFERENT videos on there. sorry about that.
As for the bumpers, that video was taken about a week before it shipped so it just hadn’t happened yet.

Nice modules, looks muy heavy. What is the weight on those modules btw.

They weigh about 10 pounds but their super strong.