437 Showing Off it's Off Season

Check out what I do when I am not losing sleep over FIRST!

Check out what I do when I am not losing sleep over FIRST or BotsIQ

Anyone who has competed in BattleBots IQ in the past 4 years will probably recognize The Blender. Yes, the Blender and Team 437 are one in the same. any questions are welcome.

What alloy is the shell made from and is it welded? Motors that power it? Most critical lesson learned from one single mistake?
Mechanics, mechanics, mechanics!!! :yikes:

  1. we have two shells. The first is made from .225" Grade 5 Titanium with interchangable S7 and O1 Toolsteel Teeth (depending on which tooth) and the second is made of 1/4" 6061 Aluminium (aircraft grade) with stainless steel teeth.

  2. Two S28-150 Magmotors power the spinning shell and another two power the four wheel drive.

  3. The most critical lesson I have learned is have ALL your wires running through the middle of the robot. We had them running along the outside edge two years ago and when someone punctured our shell a peice of our own shell went through and ripped some wires out. we lost power immediately. having redundant wiring is not such a bad idea either :wink:

Impressive, truly impressive. How did you get involved?

Wow, that is illin’. My question to you is which competition you put more effort into, FIRST or BotsIQ? Which is more important in your mind?

well I am very lucky in the fact that I am at the only school in Texas that has Robotics as a magnet program (please tell me if i am wrong). the year before i got to high school the kids where bored with first and needed a new challenge. As the story goes some kid said “come look at this website on the computer!” people looked and saw. the next week prototype robots where being made. :). now to answer your question about how I got involved. Its simple, I am now a senior and co-captain of our team so I cant not be involved.

hmmm. thats is a tough question to tell you the truth. BotsIQ definitely gets more effort but that is because we have a year to design it. so all that effort gets spread out. With first A LOT of effort is compacted into a short amount of time and during first more effort per day is being put into robotics than any other time with BotsIQ. Kinda weird but yeah.

is battlebots iq the new battlebots, or a division of the original?

BB IQ is the high school version of battlebots…The battlebots which used to be on tv is the parent organization but it works in a way different form now.