4388 Ridgebotics 97 points Power Port Challenge

A run hard in the making

We really had to push for this run and just about found everything that was wrong with the robot.

  • Note: the human player doesn’t touch the ball 1:01

The way the human players fed balls back to the robot was very interesting. Good idea to not release the video until this late. Amazing run!

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I must be confused by your markers, but it looks like you are not coming back into the re-introduction zone?


Or maybe it is my mis-interpretation that robot had to be fully in the zone. I think I may be wrong on that rule.

Looking at the dots on the floor they are in the area between the shooting zone and the re-introduction zone.

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As per PPC6, “Humans may only introduce POWER CELLS in the Reintroduction Zone which starts 22 ft. 6 in (~686 cm) from the face of the POWER PORT representation (see layout below for details),” by my interpretation and the rest of the rules, the power cell has to be placed in the reintro zone, nothing about the robot having to be there.


Can’t say that it was intentional… we uploaded everything when we finished editing it.

Yep, I forgot about the exact wording of that one.
Relevant QnA:
Question 2 - FRC Q&A (firstinspires.org)


Nice! That is a great run!

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Below PPC6 it says:

“POWER CELLS which land in the Challenge Space may be fielded directly by the ROBOT anywhere in the Challenge Space … The intent of this allowance is to avoid forcing humans to field power cells in close proximity to the robot. Teams should not use this allowance to attempt to create a ‘loop’ with minimal ROBOT movement. Please note that scored power cels are only eligible to be scored again if they enter the reintroduction ZONE PER SECTION”.

Interpret it how you will.

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Super impressive run, and innovative way to load power cells quickly into your robot from the floor!

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I think specifically the no ‘loop with minimal ROBOT movement’ is talking about creating some sort of hopper system to bounce the balls off the power port and into the robot again. I think moving from reintroduction zone to shooting zone is more than minimal movement.

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Thank you, it was a challenge coming up with a solution to load the powercells quickly without a spindexer.