44004 error

I have a basic programming on my Win10 machine with this year’s software and driver station etc. Works fine as a basic robot. Connects over wifi etc

I have the robot groups win10 pc and upgraded it to the latest software. It can connect to the radio via wifi but when I run the driver station I get the 44004 “lost communications …” message. I can ping from this pc to but Driver station gives this message.

Any ideas or help would be appreciated

Have you set your team number in drive station? That will tell drive station what address to use ( i.e. for finding the robot

The middle two digits are your team number. If you don’t have it set drive station will show team xxyy and not be able to connect properly.

The error number I am unsure of, but if pinging is working to that exact address then it’s not a robot-side of the equation problem and seems more like driver station configuration issues

Also, you might not have set the team number in the roboRIO.

If you missed that step then you should read the FRC Networking Introduction section and determine if you want to use static IP or dynamic and configure the choice correctly.

Well at least it was just cockpit error :disappointed_relieved:. I had not set the team number. I don’t remember doing that on my PC when I got it running but I’m now communicating (red-faced but communicating) with the roborio just fine. The motors and everything! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick response and sorry for the bandwidth waste. I did do a search for that error and none of the responses I found mentioned the team number as a problem.

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