4414 and 6934 Double Hab 3 Climb

After an extremely stressful and exciting lunch break 4414 was able to suc-cessfully attach our cheese cake climber to 6934. It had an amazing show in semis before the gearbox got taken out by the cargo ship bumper cutout in finals-1. Huge shout out to 5199 for putting faith in our bizarre strategy.





Very cool to see in action.

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I’m glad you guys won! See you guys at worlds!


Hard to tell for sure from photo angle and resolution but is smaller lever arm actually touching the front face of the HAB? And if so count yourself lucky, most event refs disallow even the slightest contact:)

Cheesecaked suction add on…kudos 4414 it worked


The lever arm was designed to be on the top of the hab. In this picture the robot was not fully up against the hab. The lever arm is just floating and not incontact with the front surface of the hab.

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