4476 W.A.F.F.L.E.S. 2015 - Kevin

4476 is excited to reveal our robot for this year Kevin! See everyone at North Bay and GTR East!


Too bad you guys aren’t competing with 1114 again, that was some of the best match play I’ve seen.

For those that don’t know 4476 (5th alliance captain) outplayed 1114 (1st alliance captain) at GTR-E in 2 amazing upset matches and went on to win the regional.

Good luck guys.

Wow, awesome job, love the auto mode!

Thank you for your kind words, but I think you give us too much credit. We would have never been able to win that regional without the awesome alliance we had in 1285 and 2198.

This robot has my full and unconditional support. Everyone should want to work with Kevin.

I love the first auto bin drop you showed pulling out the totes with the bins then how you adjust to only get bins. If you can adjust back and forth, this would play very well with alliances. Some teams have no problem getting totes that were neatly pushed next to each other, but others had difficulty getting their arms between totes.

Well we have the opportunity to play with 2056 again instead of 1114 so i’m sure they will be solid as always :slight_smile:

Exactly what Sam said, we were super successful at all of our events (in season and off season) because of our alliance dynamics. It was for sure the entire team bringing the whole package.

Really looks nice – well done!