4481 - 360 Electro box

We’ve shot 360 pictures to create a turn-able/zoom-able 360 picture from our Electrbox for the 2015 robot.

You can check it out here:https://www.facebook.com/TeamrembrandtsNL/posts/994240270649362?notif_t=like

Don’t you guys have a robot to build… :slight_smile:

Direct link: https://megavisor.com/en/view/8754ea65-0537-4d2e-bf65-e2a4608fc3f1

Why did you guys choose to go with the battery connectors for your motors instead of the normal Anderson Powerpole? Do you really draw that much current or just like the look? Otherwise, it looks amazing and I wish we had done something like it!

Looks great also nice photo setup I wish I could bring my studio to school sometimes haha.

Cool. If you could do this with your entire bot that would be amazing.