4481 - Week 6

When seeing all these robot reveal videos I was a little scared to even post our week 6 video here.

But it’s about the information within the video. So enjoy! ::rtm::

We didn’t have time to shoot footage before bag & tag.


I really love the windmill, as it is a creative way to promote and give identity to your team! Great work!

After seeing your other videos, I have been eagerly awaiting this one. You guys have been doing work that makes me really doubt you are rookies.

I love your choice of music while working on the windmill. That song was first poplular when I was your age.

Please make sure your crate can be opened easily by customs. It looked like you needed tools to open it. It would be a shame if they used a crowbar to open it for inspection.

Best of luck in SC!

They are rookies, i promise you!! they shadowed us last year some but this is the first time they have done FIRST Robotics.