4488 2015 Robot Code

Here is Team 4488’s Github Account, which includes all robot code from 2013 up until now.
In the off-season this year, we briefly experimented with RobotDotNet, a WPIlib implementation for the .NET framework, so some of our robot code is in C#.
RobotDotNet is a personal project by one of our mentors, supported and used by Shockwave

Notable repositories are:

2015 Robot and Dashboard code [LabVIEW] :
Solar Flare’s robot code up until the World Championship.
automatic alignment to the human player station using feedback from ultrasonic sensors
read constants from text files
NavX Gyroscope, if anyone is wondering how to use it in LabVIEW
notify the stacker state machine to stop at any height greater than 2 totes from the dashboard
serial communication with Arduino

2015 Robot Code [C#] :
Made in the off season to test feasibility of implementing robotdotnet for competition.
Everything in Team Code has been copied and improved in the Robotics Library (below)

Practice week 2015 [LabVIEW] :
LabVIEW code for our 2015 practice build week robot

Practice week 2015 [C#] :
C# code for our 2015 practice build week robot. Works the same as the LabVIEW robot code.
AutonScheduler for making our own command-based-ish system

Robotics Library [C#] :
A class library made over the off season for use in later years.
Drive Interfaces with extension methods for easy autonomous programming
Message logging, with options to report to a SmardDashboard variable, the console, and/or a file
Extensions for existing WPILib classes (edge detecting and inversion for DigitalInput, proper speed calculation for Encoders, voltage controlled compressor, etc)
implementations for some of the built-in LabVIEW blocks (InputFilter, SetpointProfile, OutputRateLimit, Derivative/Integral, etc)
Robotics Library [Java] :
Java port of Robotics Library

All questions, suggestions, or feedback about our robot code are welcome, by reply or PM.
Questions about RobotDotNet can be sent to Thad House, or posted on the RobotDotNet thread, which will be posted below by Thad soon.

The announcement for RobotDotNet just got posted. You can find it here.