4488 Shockwave proudly presents: Supercell (a teaser)

Team 4488 Shockwave is proud to present a teaser for our 2023 robot Supercell. We will be competing this week at Clackamas and next week at Wilsonville.


As always, a huge thanks to our amazing students, mentors, coaches, parents, community, and sponsors for making this possible.


Im looking forward to watching your team this weekend online and then seeing you all in person in Wilsonville. Best wishes to your team this season.


The non blurred robot:


Thanks, we are looking forward to seeing you guys at Wilsonville. We know you guys are going to come in and bring something awesome! Good luck this year.

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I’m loving the color scheme you guys have going on the robot! It’s very aesthetically pleasing!

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Thank you!

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