4488 Shockwave Robot Reveal Video

We are proud to present our 2016 robot, Eclipse.

Reveal video

2016 Events:

PNW District - Wilsonville Event
PNW District - Philomath Event
Pacific Northwest District Championship - sponsored by Autodesk

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Good Luck Teams!

Nice looking robot. Been waiting to see the reveal vid. See you guys at both Wilsonville and Philomath.

That is one sleek machine, and I especially can’t wait to see what it does in autonomous. Since you’re not going to Central Washington this year, I hope we meet up again at PNW Champs!

Looking good! I like the design and look forward to seeing how it performs.

Your bot looks excellent. This is one of the reveal videos that I have been waiting for

Been waiting for this one! Can’t wait! See you at Wilsonville and Philomath!

Beautiful and elegant machine as always from an extraordinary team to work with. I’m also looking forwards to see it’s auton.

Good luck this year!

As usual, a beautiful robot from Shockwave…
We will really enjoy competing in Philomath with you. Perhaps we will get to play together this time. We always seem on the edge of doing that…but it never seems to happen.

Congrats to a great team for doing a great job this year!!

Elegant machine, good luck at your competitions this season!

Yet another fantastic Shockwave robot. Looking forward to seeing it in Philomath.

Your robot looks amazing. I’m eager to watch it online this weekend and see it person when our team competes in Philomath later in March.

Another amazing robot. Great job!