45 or 75 amp anderson power products connectors to drill motors?

In preparation for next season, we are ordering things like connectors so we will have them on hand when we need them.

are the 45 amp powerpole connectors adiquite for use with the drill motors or should we go with the much larger 75 amp connectors?

you only really need the 45 amp connectors because the max current that a drill motor can draw is 20 amps. that is because of the auto-reset fuse that must be put in series with it. you do gain a little power if useing the 75 amp connector, but the gain is negligible. so i would say go with the 45 amp connectors.

The only place we have ever used the big connector is on the battery line. The smaller connectors work just fine for all other needed (in terms of current in any case).

Joe J.