4536 2015 teaser

Here is a little teaser of our 2015 robot. The rest will be revealed at the FRCTop25 Premiere Night.

Loading from the feeder station?

Nailed it.

Very interesting. I can’t wait to see why you’re tipping your robot!

Some advice: Back in 2013, our robot used a cylinder to tip forward just like yours. You have to be very careful about the lateral loads you’re putting on the cylinder because it will start to bend over time or damage the cylinder bushing and jam. However, your cylinder looks to be hefty enough and short stroke length enough to survive.

a device to be on the same level as the scoring platform??

I replayed that clip around 16 times haha. Best bet I have is that the piston is used to lift your robot up in an angle to feed totes from the feeder station.

On another thread about week zero competitions, I saw it mentioned that it was easier to load litter in a container at an angle towards the human player station, rather than having the container level. Maybe this does that.

That, or helps create a better RC Grabber from the shelf by raising the end toward the shelf. Be very careful that you do not get hit or get in a tug of war w/ that down, it will without a much larger footprint, do a real job on the Field carpet. (Tearing and unravelling it).

Either way those lateral motions/forces will be very soon to bend the piston rods is my bet (bring plenty of spares). It already took a set during that vid right at the very end. Watch that last rock forward.

This looks really interesting. Can’t wait to see your whole robot design!

I think this might be used to climb the totes to get access to some of the cans on the step. Either that or for easier feeding. My team wanted to do something similar when we were designing at one point.