4536 Climbing Test

Hey guys,
Here is a video of our robot climbing today at our week zero event. There were no hanging bars on the field, so we practiced scaling separately. If anyone has any questions about the mechanism or suggestions, feel free to ask/let me know.

I think you forgot to link to the video

I’m fairly curious as to where the link to the video might be. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh jeeze! Should be fixed now.

Looks nice! Can it move twice as fast though?:confused: The end game is only 20 seconds.

Pretty cool
Way to go 4536!!

Yes, it can go faster, we have done sub-20 second climbs. We were running at ~40% throttle on both the extend and retract portions because our secondary driver was not around for this test, so our sub was taking it very slowly. Extending actually can go much faster than this, and retracting is also noticeably faster. We also recently changed some geometries which made the hook go a bit higher than we would like, which made alignment slightly more difficult.

What other ways does your robot score points? If hanging is your bread and butter you’re fine with a 20 second climb. If you can score goals every 30 seconds, maybe you have to worry about the lost time a bit more.

About a third of the time spent “hanging” was the robot driving to the bar after the hook was elevated. You may want to redesign that hook so you can just drive into the wall and raise the hook straight into the bar. Maybe some kind of latch or over center locking mechanism?

Haha! Alright its good to hear that. Best of luck!

Thanks for the advice! As Caleb mentioned above, our secondary driver wasn’t around when we recorded this, so we took longer than usual to get in position. That being said, you make a good point about the hook geometry. We’re always looking to improve, so we’ll see what we can do to make it better.

Powder coating = better and faster: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTZ0tAQoDpU