4585 Wheelie

Hopefully it’ll work as well on the steel/polycarb versions.

Not sure whether to stand up and clap or grab a paper bag and breathe deeply…

That is pretty awesome. I hope your wheels, the robot, and the defenses survive. Nicely done, and have a good season!

That’s not going to work quite the same with Bumpers on it. It should still wheelie but, will it wheelie enough? I’m also scared for your rollers, you are likely going to break a few doing that.


You also gotta consider the dividers between defenses. If you wheelie and are misaligned and hit one of those, you might tip all the way back.

You my friends are brave. Good luck.

Oh, the Tortugas!!!

How does this impact the Utah Regional’s Triple Tortuga™ chances?

Why use mecanums?

You’re going to try doing this with bumpers?

I too like to live dangerously. :cool:

I love this phrase

:eek: WOW, that’s brave. I never like to leave anything to chance, and that is one heck of a risky maneuver!

Word of advice: take a page from the 2010 robot of FRC 86, Team Resistance. They were prone to flipping when they went over the bump, so they pushed their center of gravity as low as it would go–and then put an arched shape on top of their bot so that it would just keep on rolling until they landed right back on their wheels!