4587's full court blocker

Pictured here is the blocker for team 148 that allowed us to win the semi finals in a third match at TRR and advance to the finals. What you are looking at is some pvc pipe with a 1477 t shirt on top and a 359 shirt on bottom to block 148 from FCS. It worked quite well. :smiley:

Should’ve used a 148 shirt. Just kidding.

haha that would have been funny. Hey good job at TRR by the way. You guys did awesome.

You beat 148 and 118 in elims? That’s a match to remember.

We sure did! In match 3 we pulled it off with help of 1477 and 359.

The blocker was made from our PVC tubing we use to hang our banners in the pit, along with pool noodles we had all season just in case a team needed it.
I helped them put it on, except when I came back to check later, it had both our team shirts on. :ahh:
This was on our other 4th alliance partner originally in match 1, but because they didnt move the whole match, we pulled it off and stuck it on 4587 instead.

Yes indeed, this year may go down as “the year of the noodle” for sure:D BTW, I haven’t been able to find any official results…do I surmise correctly from other posts that your alliance won the event, Glenn?

Unfortunately, 1477, 359, and 4587 were event Finalists. 624, 3310, and 2848 was the sick alliance that won, 624 was just way too good.

Thanks for the clarification, Akash. Obviously the final matches must have been a real battle. Congrats to winners and finalists!

Thanks, but it wasn’t just us. 3310 was definitely one of the fastest cyclers I had seen and the AllSparks played the best defense I had seen all year. We were very happy to have been picked by 3310.

<3 we were just glad you said yes after all that drama :ahh:

What drama?

Top 4 were 3310, 1477, 624, and 118 in that order.

We invited 1477, who declined, and then invited 118 who also declined. 624 said yes after which ended up working out pretty well. It kinda made us nervous though, this was our first time really picking an alliance.

All I can say is TRR had some pretty hard competition this year and it made for an amazing event to be first time finalists for. As a rookie team to be finalists with 1477 and 359 it was quite an honor that we were picked by number 2 alliance 1477 and 359. Thanks Guys!!

Well you can thank my 8th grader who saw just your last match in qualifications who relayed the pick to our alliance captain. I was the one that then suggested 3735 as the backup since we did the same pool noodle job during a match against 148 earlier in the day.

A score of 202-201 in finals match 1 is pretty close if you ask me. :slight_smile:

It was indeed too close. Hey we hope to see your team sometime again. We had a blast hanging with you guys in elims. we learned so much from y’all and torque. We appreciate all that you guys do for FRC! Maybe our teams can meet up at an event in the coming years? haha we will see.

The results can be found here: http://goo.gl/FVryX8

Team 2936, the Gatorzillas, played some very effective defense against 4587 by keeping them away from 148’s full court shooter. Those matches were intense to watch.

I feel like any one of the top 4 alliances could have won. I hope someone has the matches recorded and can share!

All the matches are on youtube http://www.youtube.com/indianarobotics

That’s a link to IRI videos?