4607 2020 Robot - ScrapFire


Our inspiration… https://www.fox9.com/video/656707


Love the name, love the picture, love the robot. Going to be a fun season :slight_smile:

Are you powering both sides of the hopper? Im having trouble figuring out how (if at all) the right side (the side w/o the neo) interacts with the balls.

We were at one point. We had it driven “in” at half speed and we had it driven “out” relative to the left side in the picture. When both sides were driven in we had a lot of jamming. When the belts were driven opposite directions the jamming went away, but the indexing speed of the last 2 PC’s went way down. We also had a powered floor at one point… it didn’t change the indexing speed significantly.

As of now we’re driving one side and having very good success with it.


Does your hook allow you to climb without slipping down the bar?

The final version will :slight_smile:

The hook was already changed out.

Great Idea! :wink:

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