4607 Blurry Picture

People seem to dislike teaser’s with redacted or incomplete info, so here’s a dark and blurry picture of our 2016 robot:

We were practicing today and I can say it’s by far the best robot we’ve ever built. It’s going to be a fun year!

(Sorry the image is huge, uploading from phone)

Now that’s a teaser! Made me excited to see what’s in store. Can’t wait for the reveal!

shooter/intake mounted to a fully articulated arm about 2.5 feet long with pivot at the back of the bot that can go vertical with a telescoping piece for climbing. also low bar capable

just my guess :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

10/10 could still be a bench grinder! :smiley:

Pneumatic wheels.
shooter and intake on the arm, you take the ball inside and get it back to the wheels when you want to shoot with pneumatic cylinder.
you collect the ball from the other side of the robot, not the side that the arm is in the picture and you use motors to move the arm.
I dont think you can climb. but I might be wrong.
can handle Low bar, B, D and maybe A categories.

Enhance… Enhance…hm, it’s not working. Very intrigued and excited to see it in action.

See you guys in just over 24 hours! Can’t wait for week zero, and can’t wait to see what 2052 has in store. Lake Superior will be our first event together since you beat us in the State Championship in 2014. Let’s just say we’re amped up at the oppurtunity to compete with you.