4607 Destination Deep Space Strategy


Attached is 4607’s 2019 strategy document which we will be using to help drive our robot design. We are taking an aggressive approach to the game this year after coming off our most successful year ever in 2018. There is a lot of information in the document and I would be happy to answer questions about anything! This is likely version 1 with future editions coming as we move further into the build season and gain a clearer view of what robots will be capable of doing, and how Destination Deep Space will ultimately play out.
4607 Strategy Guide 2019.docx (15.9 KB)

Will defense be the best offense?

Awesome, thanks Ryan. I agree with your premises.


I remember in 2015 there were robots that were designed and driven to rank high via RP, who fell absolutely flat (in both being rejected by their picks, and in actually winning) in elimination rounds. This year reminds me of that, because what gets you ranked high might lose you the event if you aren’t smart with your design right now.


Looks to be a well thought out analysis and strategy. I look forward to hopefully playing together again at Northern Lights this year.


I really like that you have different potential strategies depending on how strong your alliance is relative to your opponent. I think this is a strategic aspect of games teams are generally pretty weak in.

Hopefully someone out there is working on win probabilities to help inform teams how they stack up against their opponents. :wink:


We would certainly love to team up again this year! We’re really excited to have you guys up in Duluth this year. I’m thinking it’s going to be a very solid event!


Attached is an updated version of the strategy guide. I added information about how I think Alliance Selections might play out, as well as thoughts on design tradeoffs that everybody is in the process of making.

Usually I would go through the old part of the document, remove the dated content, and refine everything based on the results of the build season so far, but I really didn’t find a lot that I disagree with a little over a week after writing it. That’s either a really good thing or a really bad thing… Either way Destination Deep Space hasn’t disappointed so far when it comes to its engineering or strategic challenges.

4607 Strategy Guide 2019.docx (23.9 KB)