4607 MN State Highlight Video


A little late to the party but here is our 2014 MN State Championship Highlight video.

Nice video! Really loved the Charlie Sheen addition :smiley:

Thanks! I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to include it because it might offend people but I’m glad I did. We showed it at our banquet and people laughed pretty hard.

Easily one of my favorite MN robots from this year. I was really hoping that we would play a match together at the State Championship, it would have been fun for you to truss to a HP and then have him throw it right into our robot for a low goal, but alas, it was not meant to be. Congratulations on your success, and I hope that we get the chance to compete with you in the future.

Thanks! You guys have an awesome team and it would be a blast to play with you any time! If you go to MRI (or other MN off season events) there’s a chance we could make it happen and put up some big points!

We will likely be going to both MRI and Mini-Minne. The robot we bring might not be exactly the same one though…

We’ll be making some upgrades as well. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to see you there. I know we’re already registered for MRI but when is Mini-Minne?

It is usually the weekend right before Thanksgiving. Here is the information from last year. It’s actually Minne-Mini, I always get it backwards.

Thanks! I’ll let my coach know about it and hopefully we’ll be able to attend.

I got it - looks interesting enough… how well attended is Minne-Mine? What teams are typically there?

There were around 25ish last year.

Teams I positively remember from last year:
876 (I was shocked too)

Hmm… that looks like a good time to be had by all. I don’t think that my team can overlook this one - we may have to throw our hat in the ring.

Is there any additional weight allowances for the robot? We would like to include our pick-up and one of our new drive trains, but doing so may put us just over the 120 lb. limit. We would really like to showcase what our robot was initially designed to do. I think that the team showcased what we could do with a KitBot drive without our pick-up at MSHSL. With the 5 lb weight allowance at MRI, we will be able to showcase what our robot is really capable of.

This year was a big step forward for 4607 - but due to our usage of steel components in our superstructure we had to forego the pick-up at NorthStar and at State.

And we still haven’t shown our Auton - even though the programming team perfected it about 10 times over (which is now a running joke in our team).