4607 winch teaser

C.I.S. 4607 First teaser of the year! We did everything on site in our schools welding shop. The ratchet mechanism was plasma cut out of 1/4" mild steel (most difficult part). Our hope is to get it redone in tool steel. We are going to replace all the washers with a single bushing. We also plan on welding the spool which is a little off in this picture. Let me know what you think.



The pictures aren’t loading…

Sorry about that I fixed it.

I didn’t think that it could look anymore crude - and then you posted these pics. Looks like the fabrication crew has a few more ‘bugs’ to work out. At least we know that it does it’s job…

By the way, is that bearing on the Toughbox backwards?

From my understanding the flange should be on the inside of the plate. Its a little hard to tell if that’s the current setup.

It’s on the correct way. I remember taking it apart and putting it back together twice ::ouch::

It looks better if you don’t look at it too closely. . . Maybe I should have posted a smaller picture:yikes:

Is that your math, or did you get it checked? :yikes: Tell the lads that they are doing well - I loved watching that thing roll tonight… click, click, click.

The only thing that really matters if it works. If it does great. If it looks good as well even better.

I’ve never heard the word “lads” used on CD before . . . and yes the “math” is 100% accurate as evidenced by the picture!

Just a small thing-- it looks like your gears are only partially lined up. This isn’t good for the gear, especially in high torque situations like a winch. You may want to make sure those line up or you could be in for a nasty surprise with a stripped gear.

Overall, looks like a very good use of resources. I can’t wait to see you guys’ robot!

Ahhh… you are onto something::ouch:: Hopefully we see our Blue Twilight friends soon!