4635 Botbusters' 10s 4 ball auto

Here’s a teaser for our (work in progress) 4 ball auto :slight_smile:, due to space constraints, we haven’t been able to test shooting from a larger distance. Hope to see y’all at Monterrey, Arkansas and Laguna regionals.
We are hoping to reveal our robot on Premiere Night at FUN!




How would this auto avoid hitting partners? The 4th ball looks like it would hit any partner driving out of the zone


Yeah this auto would probably hit alliance partners doing taxi. We currently don’t have much space in our workshop to practice so this was the biggest path the team could think of to practice auto routines. We are hoping to find a bigger space for other paths in the upcoming weeks.


Honestly in most matches if you consistently pull off a 4 ball auto and your partners cannot, they should just delay moving until you clear the area.

But yes with capable partners you’ll either need to path around them or coordinate delays.

Great auto! Love how smooth this one looks. Excited to see this robot.


Also most high goal robots will be capable of the fender shot, and these robots can taxi forward and put their preloaded ball into the goal. Given the fact that the entire auto is 11 seconds, this leaves plenty of time to leave the tarmac afterward, and a reasonably good programmer should be able to add a delay into their auto within just a minute or so.

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Looks slick!


Awesome auto! Nice work.


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