4639 RoboSpartan 2016

Here is our robot for 2016.
We competed at alamo and made it to the qf’s
We have had a lot of time to practice and refine our machine with our practice robot and will be at lonestar in a few weeks!

4cim single speed drive with six pnematic wheels
Dart actuated shooter arm manuipulates defenses.
Shooter powered by two 775 pros on versa planetary gearboxes give us field length range.
Camera for manual aiming.
Autonomous mode crosses moat,rockwall,rough terrain, ramparts.
Robot damages all defenses except portcullis.

Also check out my youtube channel for a few videos of our robot in action.

Definitely the most polished robot that 4639 has built. Congrats to your team.

Good luck at Lone Star !