4639 RobotSpartans climber

Here’s a preview of our climber.

It’s on a 63:1 versaplanterary with a minicim
Climbs in 10 seconds and we have had a 100% success rate after testing all day (20+ climbs)
We have an entire backup climber if we break something so we can swap out between matches or cheese cake if we have too.

See y’all at Lonestar Central this weekend!

Also here’s another climb at less than full power

Looking good can’t wait to see it perform at Lonestar central.

your bumpers look too high. remember they have to be below 7 inches

Aside for the bumpers you should be able to scale down the gear ratio. Our bout is maxed out for weight and can climb in about 4-5 seconds. It might save you a match.

Ditto. We are using a 550 on a versa planetary (Cannot remember the reduction) and ours is comparable in time to yours Nathan.

Yeah the bumpers were just zip tied on for practice but they are legal when mounted correctly.

How are you powering your climber?