4678 Reveal Video 2020

Team 4678 - The CyberCavs are excited to officially reveal their 2020 robot: Frank!


That intake is incredible!


Nice, glad to see someone with a quick CD7 intake

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The intentional deflection of the polycarbonate “wrist” on your hanging mechanism is a really nifty solution to the changing angle required without adding another actuation. Curious to see how that would have fared over the course of a season.


Oh I can’t wait until we get to play again. That thing is killer. Well done.

Funny; our robot is named Frank too, from Pixar’s Cars - Frank the Harvester.
What’s your name based off of?

Also, what detection system do you use to move balls along the intake?

Yes, ours is named after Frank from Cars as well. We noticed that when the intake was down it looked like the header, and our flywheel cage looked like the cab. And after someone pointed that out, the name stuck.
For the intake, the system consists of 3 belts. 2 of them pull the ball towards the middle from each side, and the third pulls the ball into our magazine. It is fully automatic, the ball will automatically be centred and positioned after the intake grips it, no detecting needed. However we do have two sensors put in place to check if two balls are going to collide, preventing any jams that may potentially take place.

Cool that the inspiration was the same!
I guess I meant the indexer. We use two limit switches that when pressed/released, moves the balls further into the robot and towards the shooter.

So for our magazine/indexer we had polycord belts throughout it, and sensors in each ball position. So if there was a ball in the first position, and another ball was intaked, then it would automatically move both balls up to prepare for the next one. So each sensor detected whether or not a ball was there, and based on that organized them to eventually fit 5 in a line.

Thanks, we put a good bit of work into it. Got the idea from 1425’s 2016 robot and adapted it to our fab style and to use nyoooooom 550s.


Yup. Exactly that.
No detection system I don’t think unless the programmers have added something in that I don’t know of. That’s one of the things on the table for next year.

When you guys were testing your indexer did you guys have any issues with balls jumping over one another in the system, especially with worn down balls?

We use the same type of indexer but instead of poly cord we have sets of wheels that contact the balls and we are having issues with balls jumping over one another in our system.

If you mean the balls jumping within the indexer, no, we never ran into that issue. There was never enough room for the balls to get around each other. What issues we did have though was if enough space was left between different polycord rollers the balls would get grabbed and potentially stuck in the magazine. This was fixed by adding small plates blocking off anywhere the balls might potentially get snagged.

Do you happen to have any pictures of these plates you added in?

I don’t really have any photos, but they are just small pieces that just filled the gap that the ball was squeezing through. Nothing too specific, just something basic to block the hole.

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