4678's Gear Mechanism is Magic

Hey Chief Delphi,
Through my watching of event streams, I’ve come to notice that 4678 has a very different looking floor gear intake. With no wheels or claws, their mechanism is an enigma. On Facebook, I have come across this photo and concluded that their gear mechanism is, in fact, magic:

Anyone (preferably a member of the Cavs) care to explain how this works? The team I semi-mentor is exploring different compact, lightweight gear mechanisms and we would like to consider the possibility of making something similar. Of course, we’ll include credit in our design binder to the concept we go with :). Any close-up videos and pictures (even CAD xD) would be great also.

This is my first post on CD so if this is the wrong sub-forum, or I did not follow proper CD rules or etiquette, don’t be afraid to let me know!