469 Autonomous Mode Video

Now that GLR is over, here is a video of the autonomous mode we ran at GLR. It worked very well most of the time, especially if we are un-molested. Even bothered, our camera PID would track the target and still score some. Yes, the balls are legal speed. They just look fast because we pre-load the conveyor.

7 Megs in size…


It did work great, especially when you were on target. But its too bad that in the finals 451 couldn’t get up on the ramp to score. You guys played some great defense against the triplets which is hard to do. I hope you guys can get the auto mode perfected and we hope to see you at nats.

Wow, that is a really nice auto mode.

our auto mode in FLR was similar to that and we were targeted alot
in the tournament we teamed up with 229 and 1567 and 229 became our blocker in auto mode which worked out well for us
throughout the day we were making 8-10 shots consistently

You guys were awesome.

We didn’t shoot any video but here’s some audio describing 1213’s PID.

This should be in the Robot Showcase.

i will post video of our auto mode in the next day or so
for anyone who wanted to know, we were one of the few that could get hit in automode and still make the balls in autonomous
and 469, i loved ur automode aswell

You’re right… Sorry. Can the mods move it?

Thanks for all the comments… Hopefully it will be running good at Detroit.