469's cornelius III

In case you haven’t seen it already there are a couple of shots in the buckeye and GLR galleries. This one’s a pretty good shot.

Sorry we dont have any individual pics of our own of this years bot. We hope to have them up soon.

P.S. I like this one too.

Two down, one to go. Florida here we come.

Looks amazingly similar to our Valkryie in function. How did you guys do at your regionals?

We’ve actually done great at regionals so far this year! We won both the Buckeye and Great Lakes Regionals. We’re looking ahead to facing some strong competition at Nationals.

Our robot is pretty similair in concept to your robot, I’ve seen your videos and pics. There are some slight differnces in functionality though. As far as how we did, well we won GLR(great lakes regional) and if you notice the blue banner in the background of the first picture that will give you an idea of how we did at buckeye, so I’d say we’ve been pretty successful thus far. I don’t think I would have lifted a 130 pound robot over my head hadn’t won. We’ll maybe I would just because the picture looks cool.

I forgot to mention our features so here they are:

Dual speed transmission (approx 3ft/s and 11ft/s)
Extendable/retractable arms
Goal lifting/tipping capability
Goal releasing ability
Three-mode turret (semi-freefloating, semi-drive, and fully locked)
Rotating grippers (90 degrees of rotation)
24’ probe (two interchangable designs)
6 wheel drive (2 in. wide wheels)
Oh and we also have a cool roatating light

Our best time so far is 2 goals in scoring position in under 3 seconds. Not bad.

Looks like Sumeet beat me to the punch I hope I answered all your questions.

We’ve got almost exactly the same machine - except we don’t lift the goals, or drive the turret (it can lock and unlock). And our extender is steerable. I can’t wait to go up against y’all in a match, or be partnered for that matter.

Good luck at nationals.

In my opinion, 469 has about a good of a chance as any I robot I have ever seen of winning it all.

They really do look great.

I have been racking my brain trying to figure out partner/strategy combinations that could put the hurt on them, but I will be honest, I would rather be playing with them than against them.

If Chief Delphi is a picking team at EPCOT and 469 is still available, we’re picking them if I have any say in the matter.

Well done Las Guerillas!

Joe J.

P.S. In the interest of full disclosure, one of the engineers on team 469, Artur O., works for Delphi in my building – he is one of the very best engineers I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I am jealous that he is working for another team rather than joining the Chief Delphi team – ah well, we can’t have 'em all I suppose…

You guys are with Lawrence Tech right?

Maybe I’ll mentor with you guys next year :smiley:

While Lawrence Tech is indeed one of our sponsers support beyond provideing nonprofit and what amounts to a bank account they have been one of our less active sponsers. We always welcome new members and someone attending Lawrence Tech could only help the connection.


Yea, we will definitely take all the help with can get. We always seem to have 4 mentors/engineers who put in 90+ hours a week. Anything to take some of the load off them would be amazingly appreciated!!! Feel free to contact me at [email protected], or our Coach at [email protected], if you are really interested in helping out.

I am going to go out on a limb.

I predict that 469 will at the very least win their division* at the Championships.

Beyond that, even the crystal ball of the Mighty, All Seeing, Dr. Joe gets cloudy.

From what I have seen 469 and just about any other robot make a very difficult team to beat, probably good enough to win their division.

Joe J.

*all bets are off if they are in the same division as team #47 and they are not partnered with Chief Delphi. Sorry, Gail, Artur and others on the Las Guerrillas, I can’t wager against my own robot, even in fun.

P.S. I have heard good things about Team 60 as well and would like to make a similar prediction about them, but up to this point, I have only heard about them. Regretably, my crystal ball only works with teams I have SEEN. Sorry Kingman – you’ll have to come out East next year for a regional if you want my crystal ball to be pulling for you :wink:

‘Knock Knock’ (sound of me knocking on lucky wooden table with fingers crossed)

For those who are interested I posted a few more pics in the CD robot gallery below are the links.

Robot in Action
Yellow side
Green Side