476 Utube video

Check out 476’s 2007 edition here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mF8CKpf-80

HELLOOooo from the North East:D
Very well done on the bot and video super job. Good luck also love how the hand movement works and looks great. Get in some drive time Seee Yaaaaa in GA.
Moe and Team 88 TJ2:yikes:


That lift looks a little bit shaky to me, but i’m sure it is sturdy

i am intrigued by your arm control… very intrigued

I am very intrigued as well :smiley:

That’s a unique lifting method - I like it, although I would really want to practice a few times with spotters before I tried it in a match. We’ll see you at Lone Star…

Thanks guys - Arm has taken several weeks and more prototypes than we can count.
Lifting mechanisn is actually pretty simple.
It will be good to see are friends in Ks Tx and Ga. this season.
Anxious to see what the rest of the teams have done.
We actually had to lose our forearm due to the stinking 72" rule.
But we gained 5.5 pounds so it was a good thing.

wow … i would be kinda scared for the bot being lifted :confused: what are you using to lift??

Can’t wait to see it in Kansas City!

love the arm control method, what methods did you use? … just wow!!! Great work…and good luck

wow, that’s a really daring lift mechanism, hax0r!!!
That arm control of yours is just…beyond awesomely sweet. You should write a white paper on the assembly and programming of it.

Lifting mechanism is tweaked and working much better now. We use gas springs to lift so we can do a lift without power. Our arm controller is still in development. We need a little more time to tweak it.
We will try to post some more video of the improved lift and what we are using for our arm control.