4788 Can't Control (Curtin FRC) Ri3D robot built for Power Up!


I’m very confused… can you explain the goal of this project?


We do RI3D every year to improve our team’s skills and knowledge before the season starts as well as testing who likes what and whether our approach to strategy is effective. It’s based on a previous game; this one was based on a modified version of 2018 using milk crates without the covers.

And it builds hype before kickoff (which gets released at 1am over in Western Australia)


Awesome! When I saw “Ri3D” I definitely thought it was one of the Ri3D teams releasing a robot/video for the current game. Just got confused a bit.

Super cool way to get your team ready for the season and I hope you guys do really well!


Thanks and I hope your team does well too!

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