4800 Fully Functional

Here is a video of our intake and shooter working together.

Now that the robot is functional, practice, small tweaks, and aesthetics are the main focus.

We can’t wait until the Las Vegas Regional!

Looking great guys! I only have one concern though I’m sure you have checked already. That is, I’m probably wrong but your pickup looks awfully close to If not surpassing the 20" past frame rule. I’m probably wrong, but you may want to triple check. That will come back to bite you if you don’t.

It is close, but we are under thankfully.

2 things.

  1. Nice intake, I’ve never seen one of that style before, and it seems pretty effective.
  2. I must ask, how much rage against the machine do you play in your shop during build?

Rage shows that you care :smiley:

Have you tested the forklift with the bumpers on?

We have, and we actually have a bar on the intake to keep the bars in sync, and it doesn’t even allow the ball to touch the bumper, so it should work the same.

Are you guys scared that a defender might run over the forklift and either break it or your forklift does a bit of damage to them? I would try to possibly put foam or a pool noodle around it, but it may not be an issue.

Nice work. Best of luck to you in the competitions!

Some of those that know forces,
Are the same that make tosses!
Some of those that know forces,
Are the same that make tosses!


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