4800 Pneumatic Launcher

After running through multiple designs, team 4800 decided to give in to a catapult. After a day of piston tweaking, this is our first successful shot. Enjoy!

“Give in”? Did you have something else originally in mind, and thought a catapult was, maybe, too easy or sure a bet?

Anyway, good to see a lot of times with working shooters. Now to get the ball from floor to shooter…

Nice work guys! Now the task of buying and fitting many accumulators onto your robot (expect massive use of air)…and lifting ball to firing position:D

Awesome job! Looks a lot like 1306’s prototype this year:

Slow motion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUVj3Jw0o08

Next meeting we are going to add a hard stop so it’s not just the cylinders stopping the forward momentum.

We originally hoped to have a hammer run by pneumatics, but after seeing that it would not work with that design, we transitioned to this catapult because of the already accommodating size and shape of the frame.