4829 First peek video

Here’s a quick video of our robot on it’s first driving run. We’re going fast and low, experimenting with shifting gearboxes for the first time and coupling them with Falcon 500s into an exceptionally speedy drivetrain. We’ll release more as the season progresses to show how our robot is shaping up, all aimed toward our reveal video which will be submitted to the FUN Reveal show on Feb. 20th.


I wonder how much air time that would get running over the 1 1/8in bump :thinking:
Looks great! Excited to see your season.


We haven’t tested it…yet. We’ll be trying that this week. I’ll post another video if it looks as dramatic as I suspect it will.


What type of wheels are those?

Looks fast and stable. What weight are you at in this video?


6" Andymark HiGrips with the 50A durometer tread. We went for simple, durable and very grippy. Since we’re seeing ourselves in both offensive and defensive roles, we decided that we needed wheels that could give us a good pushing potential. We’re using the Vex 2-CIM shifting gearbox with the 54:30 third stage, so in low gear we’re running about 15:1 and can really put some force into pushing other bots.

We’re about 75lbs, more or less. We’ll be up close to max weight once all the mechanisms are on, but since most of the additional weight is also going low on the bot, we should retain the stability we have now. What you were seeing is the bot in low gear, by the way. We tried it briefly in high gear but the drivers were a bit scared to run it that way until we have the bumpers on it (we were testing it in the library since they have carpet similar to competition carpet.) By the JVN calculator, our top speed should be a hair over 20f/s in high gear when we’re at full weight.

How have the 50a wheels holding up? We ran them on a practice bot in 2017 and found them to wear too quickly (they were nearly toast after a couple hours of practice). I might recommend trying the smoothgrip variant, as it should last at least twice as long

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They’re holding up okay on carpet, though we do have a second set that we expect to change to somewhere during competition season (and maybe even a third if we make it far enough.) We did leave a bit of tread on the floor tiles when we first tested the bot in the school’s atrium. It was doing drift-slides like a Tokyo racecar because we were running it in high gear (this is what scared the drivers.) There were blue donuts on the floor that the team had to scrub off.

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