4904 Swerve Drive Prototype CAD (looking for reviewers)

This is my first iteration of a swerve drive module for Team 4904 Bot-Provoking.
Both steering and drive are handled by 775’s and geared down through VersaPlanetary gearboxes (current gearing ratios TBD) and position will be judged using the VP’s integrated encoder stage. All plates are 1/2" thick, with the exception of the top one which could probably be made thinner if need be (although there’s probably no reason to decrease thickness there). The module consists of two main subassemblies: the joint, or the part that’s attached to the drivetrain, and the fork, or the part that spins. The fork slips into bearing hole in the joint, where radial loads are dealt with by two needle roller bearings and vertical loads are dealt with by a thrust bearing.

The two main issues that I’ve found are that

a) the VP’s output shaft isn’t long enough for the drive sprocket to reach its desired location,


b) the only thing preventing the fork from slipping out of the joint is a 0.375" retaining ring.

The VP issue is very minor, but I’m looking for feedback on how to secure the module vertically. Thanks everyone for your help!

Also, I’m a freshman and this is my first year in FRC so pls don’t judge my CAD skills T-T

Let me know if you need any more pictures!