4910 East Cobb Robotics Season Recap

Here’s a video recap of our 2017 STEAMWORKS season.

Many thanks to all of our incredible team members, mentors, parents, sponsors, alliance partners, GA FIRST and FIRST for their support and encouragement along the way. Special shout out to #2122, #987 and #6314 for making our trip from Carver to Einstein possible.

You guys are such an AMAZING Team and we thank you for making our season so memorable. You definitely were a big factor in making our rookie season so awesome!!! Thanks to 2122, 987 and 4910, we had such a fun time with you on Carver and Einstein!!! We look forward to seeing you in the near future!!!:]

Y’all where such a great team to compete against in Georgia. Congrats on making Einstein cannot wait to see you at grits.

Be proud, folks! You did a great job on Carver. Team Tators was (or would that be “were”? plural names are so confusing) lucky to have the quality people and robots on our alliance with us.

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