4911 CyberKnights 2020 Build Blog

Wait, Who?

The most anticipated blog of the year is coming back! Also, I’m writing a blog! Again!

I’ll use this thread to link when I have new posts coming out. My goal is to have one full-submarine sandwich content post per week, with maybe a small bag of chips post in-between if some cool things are happening at the shop.

To start off - given that we haven’t started the new season, I’ve got a post outlining some of our summer activities, with a bonus post coming later this evening!

Hope you enjoy reading, and please feel free to get in touch, ask questions, feed me jokes to use, etc!

01 - Infinite Change!


Thanks for this! exciting

also for the meme:


I’m going to go with replying when adding new links. Hopefully it won’t be too confusing…

As promised - the daily double! (likely the only one of the season!)

02 - How to Kick-Off?

So, who are the 4911 Cyberknights?


Week 1 is gone and done. Are we all on track?

03 - The Plan


Props for the indiana jones reference in the latest blog post. Your analysis results closely mimic our own. Looking forward to seeing the cyberknights and several others at west valley (which ironically is the eastern most comp in the PNW).

Just waiting for that fabled 24th team to join us…

The potential match schedules are already going to make WV a very interesting event. Cant wait to see these bots up close.

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Certainly is an elusive bot. (#24)

Week 2 update. We’re behind. (Aren’t we always?)

04 - Snowpocalypse Now


This is great stuff! Thanks for taking the time to create such a detailed blog and sharing it with the community. Keep up the great work and best wishes to you and your team this season!


Week 3 update. Lots of tests. Mostly school tests. (Finals week.)

05 - The Test


Week 4 update. Progress all around, but not too-too much showing for it just yet.

06 - A Quiet Place


Enjoy the updates. This also provides a barometer for me to evaluate our own progress. (Hint: we are no further along with our build just yet.)

Week 5 update. Doing what we can to catch up. Actually made a lot of progress today (Saturday) but you’ll have to read about that next week! Today, you’ll just learn about…

07 - The Mistake


Week 6! Bag Day coming! Wait, no it isn’t… This week we are hosting our Annual Unveiling Event with a number of local teams, and a live stream at www.twitch.tv/cyberknights4911! Starts at 7pm PST.

08 - Reveal Your Secrets, Part 1

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Week 6, part 2. Maybe the post you’ve been waiting for? The robot is revealed.

09 - Reveal Your Secrets, Part 2


I’ve really enjoyed reading this year’s blog. Great writing and great looking robot this year!


7 weeks down. unfortunately, this is still familiar territory for us! (We built up an entire robot 2 this time last year

But, sports analogies are a thing, and I watch some sports outside FRC.

10 - Winter Testing


Can I have the link to those shoes, they look like they will match our branding pretty well.

Truth be told, they’re last years model… Puma Ignite Pwrwarm. Good luck!