4911 CyberKnights 2022 CAD Release

4911 CyberKnights are proud to release the CAD for our 2022 robot QUICKDROP:

The main assembly has a configuration option to show the original climber design used at Glacier Peak.

We’re happy to answer any questions about the design, development, CAD document structure, etc.


Your bot is amazing, congrats on your wins this year!


4926 had the pit right next 4911 at Champs. THAT MACHINE IS AMAZING! So clean, so beautiful, so effective. A really well developed concept that they continued to evolve throughout the season. AND, the assembly construction is really clever as well.

Congratulations to the CyberKnights on awesome effort. Oh and yeah they were a fantastic group of young women and men too…


But did you use software to control the robot?

Ok but a bit more serious, what prevented the adjustable hood from working before DCMP?

Correct me if I’m wrong here but that climber design looks like the 125 climber. Interesting to see how other teams adapted it to work with their robot. Looks very clean and its interesting to see how instead of a square shooter frame shape you used this angles version. Gives me a few ideas of how that can be used. We sendcutsend our shooter side panels this year but maybe with a design like this we could’ve done everything in house and gotten it done faster. Oh and congrats on the season

To put it mildly, a lot of software work. The shooter was built to be adjustable (both in angle and shot power) but the Limelight wasn’t integrated into the system until DCMP. Up until that point the adjustment was just used to tune the shot from the fender and a couple of other manual shots that didn’t see a ton of use.

Edit/more info

And the potential for that was intentional. Shortly after kickoff we listed out our robot “needs” vs robot “wants”. Shooting from the fender was a “need” from a strategic standpoint and that’s what the robot did at both Glacier Peak and Sammamish. As the season went on and the software team had more time with the robot, our capabilities were expanded to include our “want” of shooting from distance within the cargo ring.


You are correct! We implemented the 125-style climber between our Week 1 and Week 3 events after a sub-par performance from our original design. More details on that redesign are in our reveal thread.

The Nutrons themselves were a big help, freely offering advice and their own lessons learned. It was a very cool experience.

One of the best things about having one Championship this year is that we got the chance to do a side-by-side climb race with 125. Of course, both teams claim they won the race :stuck_out_tongue:

To add on to what Kevin said, we gave the software team the robot a few weeks later than our schedule dictated. This necessitated prioritizing basic functionality - climbing, multi-ball auto - and driver practice before our first event. Tuning the distance shot and Limelight didn’t make the cut. Then after our… issues… at Glacier Peak, the entire time before our next district was spent bringing the new climber online and other minor improvements. Our fender shot at Sammamish was actually significantly better (more tolerant to misalignment) than at Glacier Peak, but it was still a fender shot. Between Sammamish Week 3 and DCMP we finally had enough time to really get the distance shooting dialed in.

The adjustable hood as a mechanism worked from day 1 and was very reliable. We didn’t make any design changes and didn’t have to do any substantial maintenance on it through the entire season.


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