4911 CyberKnights Presents: QUICKDROP

4911 CyberKnights are proud to reveal our 2022 robot SLAPSHOT


  • SDS Mk4i Swerve Modules
  • 6 bar intake with “knockdown rollers” to control and collect bouncing balls
  • Fully adjustable launcher rails with top roller to minimize spin for scoring from the fender out past the Cargo Ring
  • Traversal climb
  • Multi-ball autos from either Tarmac

Thank you to our amazing sponsors for making this robot and season possible: Boeing, Microsoft, ElectroImpact, Production Robotics, Swerve Drive Specialties, WestCoast Products, Brown and Caldwell, ArenaNet, Paccar Inc, Hagen Foundation, T-Mobile Park, West Ohana Vacation Rentals, SPEEA, Vine Dalene and King’s High School.

No reveal video this year but you can catch us this weekend at Glacier Peak, Week 3 at Sammamish and PNW DCMP and Houston if we qualify!


That’s a very cool intake! Have you got practice video somewhere? I’m having a bit of difficulty visualizing the climb.


pretty as always, cant wait to see that intake working on the field!

Alright! Finally have a moment to respond.

We played at Glacier Peak last weekend and things didn’t exactly go how we drew it up. The climber bars were significantly more flexible than we expected which caused several climb failures (we fell 5 times!). Fortunately the robot is a tank, and the only thing we ever broke was some rivets on our camera mount which are easily replaceable.

The shooter was rock solid all weekend. The intake… needed some updates. The knockdown rollers got clipped by another robot in our very first match which promptly caused several rollers to fall off and threw a bunch of belts. We removed the knockdown rollers for the remainder of the event and then focused on making the rest of the intake more robust as we continued to see thrown belts and shearing bolts out of the polycarb roller tube through our next few matches.

We also had a higher than desired CG, which made driving the robot difficult for our driver. He handled it well, but that is a top priority to fix for our next event. And on top of all of that, we got called for a G108 bumpers above the high bar on our climb in SF2-1, which cost our alliance the match. I do think we were going above the bar so it wasn’t a bad call per-se. The robot seemed to swing a lot more on the real Hangar than on our skinny one at home due to the amount of flex in the bars. But the climb in SF2-1 wasn’t any different than others (if anything it was more benign) so it being called then and never before is frustrating.

As such, we’re working on some improvements before Sammamish, which includes a climber redesign that will lower our CG (it would also solve the G108 concern but with Team Update 16 that wouldn’t be a penalty for us any more regardless). We’d like to get the knockdown rollers back on with a more robust solution but that’s a lower priority than the climber changes.

Here’s a climb video from our practice: https://photos.app.goo.gl/YtLgUxt8mQEAjoWq5. As noted above, this is hopefully changing for our next event though!


4911 is proud to present our NEW 2022 robot: QUICKDROP

As mentioned above, we went through a full scale climber redesign and the new NU Climber implements the skip-high-bar concept from 125 Nutrons. We’re not quite as fast as them (yet…) but it’s a massive improvement for both climb time and CG from where we were at before.

The new name QUICKDROP is an homage to several things, including 125’s robot “Freefall”, our many quick drops off the rungs at Glacier Peak with the old climber, but most importantly it was the suggestion of a 4 year old boy who came to Glacier Peak to watch our robot. How could we not?

This was a massive undertaking, and a huge thank you goes out to @Brandon_Holley and 125 for sharing info about their design process, and the rest of EWCP for input, advice and encouragement as well. While all of the geometry and CAD was developed wholly by 4911, we could not have done this without the external support.

We’re playing at Sammamish this weekend - here’s hoping QUICKDROP and the NU Climber works as well on the field as it does in our shop!


Here’s a sneak peek of one of the upgrades we’ve been working on for the District Championship:

The upper timer is “floor to score”, the lower timer is “floor to full release”. Due to the system setup, as long as we have hooks over the traversal bar, the mid bar arms will backdrive and release us while we’re disabled after the buzzer. So while the full sequence takes about 4.2 seconds, we only need 3.2 seconds to get to a traversal-scoring position!

We’ve done a lot of other work over the last few weeks to improve on our performance from Sammamish, and we’re excited to try it all on the real field! We also did a complete teardown, inspection and rebuild on Sunday with some minor fixes and mechanical upgrades thrown in.

PNW Champs is absolutely STACKED this year, can’t wait to get out there and compete!