4926 Offseason Swerve Drive

If you get the center to center distance correct it should not need a tensioning system. Our MK1 and MK2 modules do not have tensioners on the steering belt.

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Yeah it’s your call really based on how good you see your tolerances can be. We have slots in our drive rails so we can adjust tension as needed.

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Does your slotting system work well? I am already planning on doing that with the drive belts and might do it with this turning belt as well since I doubt our tolerances are as good as 2910’s.

Works fine.

I can confirm this as well. Some good ole nylocks is what we use. To get some added hold, we also place a small slice of coarse grit sand paper under our brackets with wedge washers. Swerve stayed tight through all 80 or so matches we ran this year.

I might copy that setup as well. I had never heard of a wedge washer before but after a quick Google search, I think they could be useful in a lot of other situations in FRC!

They’re very useful for application areas like this.
Our latest swerve was posted with CAD for reference. At 4.2 lbs, great control, and great performance specs, its worth a look if you plan to proceed forward.

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Wow that is a very clean design! Your grab cad description says it runs at 15 fps. How has that gearing worked for you guys? I can configure my design for 12 fps, 14 fps or 17 fps and I’m still trying to decide which one to use. I’m going for a zippy, quick drive kind of like 2910.

Our speed has been great. While we never have driven at max speed, we have amazing control on the field. Not to mention we have the perfect balance of speed and torque imo. We’ve burnt out defending bots cim motors in pushing matches, and also held a bot who burnt holes in the carpet trying to push us. Check some of our match videos. I’d suggest FiM DTE Finals 1. Or just watch out season recap.

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