4A fuses?

Anyone know where you can buy the 4A fuses that are on the old style control boards? The little round ones with black covers .
Can’t find them at all over here in england.

I believe these are what you are looking for, from InnovationFIRST.


It is the:
FUSE-TR5-8PACK Spare Fuse Pack for Control System
Spare fuses for the Operator Interface. Includes (2) each of the 4A, 2A, 1.25A, and 0.5A TR-5 fuses.

1 thing, will they ship to uk?

Not sure, you will have to talk to them personally.

Yes, Innovation First ships internationally.

Did you expect them to leave your team (and the brazillian and mexican teams) out of luck and stuck with only the speed controllers and relays in the kit?


well i could just make a botch job with a 4amp glass fuse lol

lol. I am sure that Innovation First will be more then willing to send them some your way a glass fuse doesn’t need to replace it.