4th Annual Sweet Repeat - Time to Register!

The Sweet Repeat at Rochester High School in Rochester Hills, Michigan (Oakland County near I-75 and M-59) is upcoming.

The date is Saturday October 18. We have T-SHIRTS, GREAT MUSIC, LARGE SCREEN PROJECTION, and a spacious location with easy parking and access. We have good food available again this year, including breakfast items, several lunch choices and snacks and drinks available all day long.

We have the 4th Annual “Fabulous all-Girls’ Tournament” and new this year, and possibly for the first time anywhere, the “YOU THINK YOU CAN DO IT BETTER???” All Engineers’ Tournament.

There are still raffle tickets available, and for one $5 ticket, you have 4 chances to win: a laptop computer, a digital camera, a CD Burner (CDRW), or a Palm Pilot.
Drawing takes place at 2:00 pm.

You can print registration forms and information sheets at www.teamfordfirst.org
or email [email protected] for forms or other information. We can fax them to you if you prefer.

Hope to see you there!

Will the raffle tickets be available at the event too, or is this a pre-order type raffle?

We are selling a limited number of tickets, but we have plenty left! We plan to save some for the tournament in October.