4'x4' CNC Router Recommendation

I’m considering either a Velox 5050 or Forest Scientific HS router for my classroom/workshop and wanted to see if the community has opinions and a preference. I know several teams us the Velox 5050, but I would also like to hear from teams using the Forest Scientific. The two routers seem similar with the significant differences being the controller and the Forest Scientific has closed loop control.

Note 1: I’m in the market for a 4’x4’ router. I have previously purchased an OmioX8, different workshop, and may consider a couple of OmioX8s to compliment this router.

Note 2: We have a HAAS mill, so two of our goals are to expand our available CNC machines for students and to provide a machine that can handle larger material.

Techno, Shop Sabre, and CAMaster might be ones to look into as well. I’d steer clear of Laguna.

Our velox 5050 is coming some time this month. I wasn’t the one who made the decision but I do know that one of our mentors looked at a ton of cnc routers (including the sabre, camaster velox and laguna) and the velox came out on top. I will have a better idea about the performance of the router once it comes, but from what I can tell we wont be dissapointed.

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