4x4x5 Differential Swerve Module

What are the advantages of the differential swerve system?

When not turning, both motors are powering the wheel, :. moar powah.


Clearance was around 1/2 inch from bottom of ramp to floor. The angle should be 50 degrees. The ramp shown was made from 6 x 6 x 1 inch hpde, if I remember correctly. The 1 inch obstacle hit roughly in the middle of the ramp.

UPDATE: Next design iteration of the 4x4x5 Differential Swerve incorporates the following:

  • SRX Mag Encoder on Axis
  • Upper plate thickened for encoder mount and mounting screw nuts (3d Printed)
  • Lower Housing with Integral Deflector Ramp (3d Printed)
  • 3.5 inch Thin Section Bearing (Does not need to be a 4-point bearing)
  • Added 2 bearings to the support the cantilevered motor output shaft (
  • Eliminated 16 screws

Thinking about a further simplification, eliminating the 8 ring-gear support bearings and going to loose ball bearings in grooves on the ring-gear faces.


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