$5 for a Translation of Tunak!

Okay, now that the initial Tunak craze is over, I want a translation of the thing. I’m offering $5 to the first person who finds a good translation of the Tunak song. If you don’t know what Tunak is, then you’ve been living under a rock :wink: It’s a song by Indian pop-star Daler Mehndi, and well, you just have to see the video - http://www.owlnet.rice.edu/~mrdarius/music/tunak.ram (real media). I’ve been searching for a translation of the song with no luck. If you find a good one, $5 is yours.

From http://www.wordanywhere.com/:

Tunak Tunak Tun It has no real meaning. Just words that fit a beat

Don’t know if that helps…:smiley:

I have a co-worker from Pakistan, and when that song went around the office a few months ago, he told us what it meant.

I don’t remember offhand, but i think it was similar to the pop music we have here in the states. Blah blah, be my girl, blah blah, I like you, blah blah, she likes me, yada yada.

… or maybe im thinking of something else. I dont know.

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**From http://www.wordanywhere.com/:

Tunak Tunak Tun It has no real meaning. Just words that fit a beat

Don’t know if that helps…:smiley: **

Bah, I’ve seen that but I don’t believe it. One site I’ve seen said that someone tried to ask his Indian friend what it meant and his Indian friend that it was in a dialect he wasn’t familiar with. I think thats where your translation came from. I’m sure there is some kind of translation out there.

From a fan site.

Tunak Tunak Tun - And then, if you’ve heard any Daler Mehndi song, then you’ve heard this one. It’s called Tunak Tunak Tun, and it begins with typical Indian singing. They repeat tunak tunak over and over, until the first verse. This first verse is about teaching a moron friend of yours to dance. In the video, he shows many ways your friend can be dumb, and grab each other’s %%%. Then he says that if he’s bad, then give him thumbs down, but if he’s good, then by all means thumbs up. The song repeats itself, but the energy is enough to carry you along for about an hour. A kewl part is when he keeps saying GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO. This is what you tell your friend if he starts doing good. It also explains to shoot him, eventually, take out his leg.

MTV India also has an article on Daler.

I ran this by my neighbor. She said the lyrics sound like a odd form of Punjabi and the dance steps are bhangra-y. The lyrics mean something like “the world is a big, bright and colorful place, a wonderful place and that you should enjoy yourself.” Or something, she said it was a weird dialect.


/me rides a pony

i think falco269 is right, i’ve asked a friend and he said that there is no translation for it

OMG!!! I remember that song from the robotics competitions!! It was so funny then and to see the video now… OMG it’s hilarious!! I don’t care what they are saying it’s [edit]real funny[/edit]!!

OMG, this is our team song! I remember once at around midnight or so during building season, I left the room to go get something and when I come back they’re blasting Tunak and all the guys are doing this perfectly choreographed dance. It was really funny but also really scary. That’s one of my favorite robotics memories.

Heh, a few of the guys on my team were obsessing over this song right before we left for Nats. You should have seen them when it first came on. I believe we were sitting in the stands at Curie:

“Oh… my… God… is that… OHMYGOD IT IS!”

And of course, they just had to stand up and do their little dance with it. :smiley:

heh, and i thought yatta was bad…

Wetzel, I think you get the prize for the translation. No guarentee that its right, but now that a look back at the video, I see how it could work. Unless someone gets proof that it’s not wetz’s translation, I think he gets the prize :slight_smile:

Anyways, is it just me, or is Tunak Tunak Tun never actually said? I mean, I get the idea that it’s supposed to be the main repeat, but that sounds more like, “drhoot drhoot, da-drhoot drhoot, da-drhoot-drhoot, da-da da da” to me.

Our team loves Tunak, a few of us have learned the entire video’s dance steps. We bribed the DJ on Einstein field with one of our t-shirts to play Tunak during our match. We actually won the match by a reasonable margin, and we kept doing the dance all the way back to the pits. Glad to see all the Tunak love out there.

I saw some guys doing the dance on the NASA feed during nats.
I don’t remember seeing the team, but I THINK they had purple shirts…

They were in the middle of the flat seating for Einstien.


Dance boys Dance!