5 vdc stepper motor(?)


I am a mentor for a first year team.

I have a number of questions about a 5 vdc stepper motor(?) we were donated. It has a threaded rod and a plastic platform that will move up and down to control our arm height.

First question would be, is a 5vdc motor legal?

If so, what would be the best/legal way to provide a 5vdc source?

There are four wires coming from the motor.

A note the company that donated the motor supplied described wiring hookup as follows: Red = A+, Red/White = A-, Green/White = B+ & Green = B-.

What would we use to control this type of motor?

Don’t think we could use the jaguars or victors to control this motor, because the documentation for each describes them to control 12v-24v motors. In addition to that, I’m not certain how one would even wire this type of motor to a jaguar/victor.

Would a digital side car be used to control this type of motor?

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.



Thats awesome you were able to get them donated. Unfortunately you are not able to use them on your robot. The only legal motors are the ones that are provided in the Kit of Parts (KOP).

What you could do is use the motor to build something that you could use in the pit for a display.

As Jimmy has pointed out, that motor is not legal. The wiring you describe requires a dedicated two phase stepper motor controller. A is one phase and B is the other. Dependent on how you feed these determines which direction the motor turns, in a particular phase and at particular speed.